Local group thanks employees at Harris Teeter for being ‘retail responders’

Group shows appreciation for retail workers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Have you thanked your local #retailresponders today?

A group with Theory House, an organization that works to support retailers, showed their appreciation for grocery store employees Wednesday at the Harris Teeter off of Rea Rd. in Charlotte.

They referred to the employees as ‘retail responders’, the counterpart to first responders. Jim Cusson, prsident of Theory House, says these workers are. after all, on the front lines of the grocery stores making sure families are fed and getting their medications in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Thanking 'retail responders'
Thanking 'retail responders' (Source: Sharonne Hayes)

“People don’t realize the risk that these store associates are putting themselves in,” said Cusson. “At any given day, dozens and dozens of people are walking within feet of their face. So, they’re putting their lives at risk to make sure we stay fed and healthy.”

The group stood outside Harris Teeter, donning shirts designed like old-school grocery bags that said “thank you”. They carried large signs encouraging shoppers to give a little appreciation to not only the employees behind the registers, but also those who stock the shelves and drive the delivery trucks.

One inside, the group was greeted by the applause and appreciation of the employees at Harris Teeter, who expressed gratitude that people were thinking of them as the community fights the spread of coronavirus.

The employees graciously accepted the ‘thank you’ shirts given to them, all while wearing gloves and mindfully practicing social distancing.

“We recognize there’s no greater sacrifice being made than by our front line medical responders,” said Cusson. “But close behind are these people are Harris Teeter and other grocery stores and pharmacies across the country who are keeping our country moving by keeping us fed and healthy.”

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