New safety measures for local golf courses due to COVID-19

Local golf courses new safety measures amid COVID-19

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Local golf courses have seen business pick up but it is not business as usual due to COVID-19.

“We’re trying to provide recreational activity for people but we want them to be safe while they are doing it,” said Del Ratcliffe, who is the president of Ratcliffe Golf Services.

On Monday, Ratcliffe Golf Services will no longer accept cash transactions and they are urging golfers to book tee times online. You can pay online and when you get to the course, you can check in at the kiosk in the clubhouse.

“Our goal is to have a no contact experience,” said Ratcliffe. “The kiosk are very easy to clean. We have wipes right there at the kiosk. We have hand sanitizer right there at the kiosk. It truly can be a no contact experience.”

On the course, bunker rakes have been removed and they are asking golfer to not take the flag stick out the hole when you putt. But what about the thing you touch just as much as you touch your golf clubs.... the golf cart?

“Each time the cart comes in, we are washing the cart down. We are sanitizing the carts. We are using a mild bleach solution. Making sure they’re clean and all the places on the golf cart that you might come into contact with, we’re wiping that down.”

In a lot of cases, golfers who come out as singles normally get paired with other single golfers or groups. Courses will no longer do that as they try to keep everyone safe in these times of social distancing.

“We are all looking for that stress relief," said Ratcliffe. “We are looking for ways to enjoy things more. Our role right now is a very important function to provide that and we are going to do that as long as we can to the best of our ability.”

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