NC governor urges people not to ‘overbuy’ groceries during coronavirus outbreak

NC governor urges people not to ‘overbuy’ groceries during coronavirus outbreak
(Source: KFDA)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Walking down the aisles of grocery stores, many of the items are wiped clean off of the shelves in preparation for the coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, we know about the high-demand for toilet papers at supermarkets.

A lot of the food is also flying off the shelves.

As of Monday afternoon, North Carolina has 297 confirmed positive cases of coronavirus in 45 counties. At least 8,438 people have been tested.

There are 10,000 more tests available, as of Monday morning.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said Monday that grocery stores will remain open, as will restaurants that provide carryout and delivery.

Cooper also urges customers not to hoard food from the grocery stores.

“I ask, please do not overbuy at the grocery store,” Cooper said.

Cooper said he has had conversations with grocery store officials who say the supply lines continue to remain open and are supplying the groceries.

Grocery stores will remain open, as well as restaurants providing takeout and delivery.

“I appreciate the people who are continuing to grow and to supply our foods,” Cooper said.

Many grocery stores have adjusted their hours. They are closing earlier so that they have time to restock the shelves.

Many have also implemented special shopping time slots for the elderly or people who can be easily impacted by the coronavirus.

A lot of grocery stores are also hiring people who lost hours or were laid off due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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