Families are inadvertently clogging toilets because of the coronavirus

Families are inadvertently clogging toilets because of the coronavirus

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - With toilet paper being in high demand, it might make you chuckle, but plumbers say they’ve been busy because so many people are using alternatives that shouldn’t actually be flushed.

They’re asking you to please think twice about what you try to flush. Like, wipes. Baby wipes or cleaning wipes. Plumbers say people are using them and even if the package is labeled “flushable” you still should not flush them.

Your bathroom business is becoming an increased business for Providence Plumbing in Concord.

“Since the Corona, business has picked up. It’s been the busiest weekend I’ve worked since being at Providence Plumbing,” said Andrew Cox, a plumber for the company.

He says he spent the weekend going house to house for the same reason.

“People are using paper towels, linens, pieces of t-shirts, anything they can get their hands on because of the lack of toilet paper,” he confirmed.

Cox understands you may have to get creative because toilet paper is hard to come by, but says you also need to find another way to dispose of whatever you’re using. It can be as simple as tossing it into a bag, tying it up real nice, and throwing it in a trash bin that’s outside.

“You’re not supposed to flush anything but toilet paper. The sewer lines can’t take a heavy load of paper towels because they don’t really disintegrate like toilet paper. So, even if you have some kind of underlying issue that you don’t know of, it’s going to catch to the paper towel or rag...it’s going to catch it and it’s going to clog it until we’re able to clear it," said Cox.

It's advice that could save you a headache and hundreds of dollars.

Cox also says he knows there are some advertisements out there for toilets claiming to be so good it’s able to flush golfballs. He says that may be true, but you still should not flush anything but toilet paper because your plumbing system may not be strong enough to push it through.

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