'A sense of purpose’: Charlotte Bubbleologist brings joy to retirement home residents

Jobs have withered for Charlotte bubbleologist Steve Langley since the coronavirus outbreak. So he’s changing his business model.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The last time we checked in on Steve Langley, a professional Bubbleologist, he broke the Guinness World Record for the longest bubble train, in Huntersville in 2018.

Times are getting tougher for Langley who has traveled the world to share his bubble-making magic.

He’s been to China and everywhere in between including Washington, D.C. for the Obama’s last Halloween party in the White House.

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“I play with bubbles for a living,” Langley told Jamie Boll and the WBTV On Your Side Tonight team in 2018. “I have the best job in the world.”

With social distancing recommendations in play across the country due the to coronavirus pandemic, jobs have been hard to come by for Langley recently.

So he decided to pivot.

“My Mom is in a retirement home and cannot have guests like all homes,” Langley told WBTV. “These people are essentially trapped and cannot have relatives or visitors. It is a nightmare. As a bubble who is losing all of my work I kept trying to figure out what I could do?"

It didn’t take long for the Bubbleologist to realize he could spread joy with his talents.

He had to stay outside when he visited his Mom last week at her rest home and wheeled his wagon from window to window entertaining her friends with his bubble creations.

Huntersville Bubbleologist breaks Guinness World Record for longest bubble train

“They need some joy, beauty and a distraction more than anyone,” said Langley, who is now considering bringing happiness to retirement homes across the Charlotte area.

“It would give me a sense of purpose!” said Langley.

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