A quick N Charlotte Toyota guide to restoring a classic Toyota car

A beginner’s guide to classic Toyota car restoration
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Published: Mar. 17, 2020 at 1:42 PM EDT
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Is restoring a classic Toyota car on your bucket list? You’re not alone - many drivers can’t find exactly what they’re looking for in a vehicle when searching modern inventory. This leaves them to look for that special, one-of-a-kind ride among classic Toyota cars! However, a classic Toyota car restoration isn’t something to take lightly or without preparation. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with tips to help you tackle a restoration with confidence. Check out our beginner’s guide with three quick tips.

Don’t start a classic Toyota car restoration without these tips

#1: Know where to find your vehicle and decide who’s going to do the restoration.

Where do you find a classic car? After all, you can’t exactly walk into Toyota of N Charlotte if you’re looking for a classic Toyota car that’s decades old. Your best bet is to search in the classifieds online and to look for specialty websites that list classic cars for sale. Once you’ve found your classic Toyota car of choice, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to approach the restoration. Will you be doing the work yourself, or do you need someone to handle it for you? Make sure you find a qualified mechanic if you’re going to have someone else do the work for you.

#2: Be ready to invest both time and money into your classic Toyota car.

It’s not cheap or quick to restore a classic Toyota car. You’ll spend a good amount of money on car parts, especially if you’re looking for original parts that are trickier to find. You’ll also either need to pay a mechanic to install the parts and do the work, or you’ll have to get access to a workspace and tools to do the labor yourself. It can also take a fair amount of time to restore a classic Toyota car. Remember, if you’re searching for original auto parts, they may be difficult to find. If you go with modern parts, you’ll still need to take the time to make sure that they’re compatible with your car.

#3: Make sure you have everything you need for the project.

If you’re going to make it a DIY project and tackle the restoration yourself, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends that you look for the right workspace and tools BEFORE you buy the car. You’ll need basic tools like wrenches and sockets, a drill with various bits, screwdrivers, pliers, a car jack stand, and an air hose. You may even want to get access to a welder, blowtorch, and engine crane and stand. (Just make sure you know how to use those tools before attempting to put them to work.) You’ll additionally want a workspace that is well-lit, spacious and has access to electricity.

Let Toyota of N Charlotte help you get your classic car back in shape

Toyota of N Charlotte can help you tackle the task at hand - give us a call! Our service techs are happy to help you look for parts and give you advice about installation. You can reach us seven days a week at (704) 875-9199.

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