Catawba Indian Nation to announce plans for new casino in Kings Mountain, N.C.

Catawba Indian Nation to announce plans for new casino in Kings Mountain, N.C.

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. (WBTV) - The Catawba Indian Nation will present, on Friday, plans and renderings of the new destination casino planned for a site in Kings Mountain, N.C.

As a result of the recent U.S. Department of the Interior’s decision, land in Kings Mountain will be taken into trust so the Catawba Indian Nation can move forward with the proposed project.

“The Nation is very thankful for the Department’s decision to take this land into trust, enabling us to achieve the promise of self-determination though economic development,” said Chief Harris. “The Department has a very rigorous process for reviewing proposed trust land acquisitions. We are very thankful for the hard work of the Department’s solicitors and staff on our application, who carefully reviewed our history, including our historic land settlement, ensuring that it is consistent with the Supreme Court’s Carcieri decision. The land is located in close proximity to our current landholdings and is our ancestral land, in an area that the Catawba people have used and occupied since time immemorial.”

According to a press release, the Nation will work closely with leaders in the City of Kings Mountain and Cleveland County to bring the full project to reality which is reportedly projected to bring as many as 5,000 construction jobs and 4,000 permanent jobs to the area.

In addition, the Catawba Indian Nation says it plans to begin working closely with Governor Cooper’s office so that the state of North Carolina can also benefit from the project in Kings Mountain.

“We want to thank Senators Graham, Tillis and Burr for their continual support to correct this injustice to the Catawba Indian Nation,” said Chief Bill Harris. “We look forward to sharing details on the project as we move forward.”

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