President Trump rallies thousands of supporters in N. Charleston

President Trump rallies thousands of supporters in N. Charleston
President Donald Trump spoke to more than 13,000 people inside the North Charleston Coliseum on Friday. (Source: WMBF News)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WMBF) - More than 13,000 people packed inside the North Charleston Coliseum on Friday to chance to see President Donald Trump.

Many began getting in line before the sun came up Friday morning ahead of the event. By 2 p.m., the line waiting to get inside the coliseum had grown to thousands.

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Posted by WMBF News on Friday, February 28, 2020

The president took the stage a little after 7 p.m., where he didn’t hold back about the Democrats vying to go up against him in November. The president’s “Keep America Great” rally took place just one day before voters head to the polls in South Carolina Democratic primary.

The president told the crowd that the Democratic candidates don’t have a chance against him in the Palmetto State.

“I said to a friend of mine, a Democrat, ‘How’s the race going tomorrow? Who’s going to win?’" Trump began. “This guy’s a political pro in all fairness, even though he’s a Democrat. I said, ‘Who’s going to win?' He said, 'Honestly sir, it doesn’t matter. You are so far ahead in South Carolina that it’s meaningless.”

The Palmetto State will not have a Republican primary this year after GOP officials decided to cancel it last September. They felt Trump did not have a legitimate challenger.

Party officials said they're saving taxpayers over $1 million by holding off on a primary.

Other states canceling their Republican primaries include Arizona, Kansas, and Nevada.

INSIDE LOOK NOW: Pres. Trump ‘Keep America Great’ rally in North Charleston.

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Live at Trump rally in North Charleston.

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During his speech, the president recognized South Carolina senators Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham and brought them on stage.

“He’s the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. So important,” Trump said about Graham.

And while at the podium, Scott’s spent time hyping up the crowd for the president.

Not everyone who wanted to see the rally got to go inside. Instead, several hundred people watched the speech outside on a jumbotron.

Those who watched the speech were not disappointed by Trump.

“Fantastic. It was on point. He hit all the high notes. He poked at the other side quite fiercely, that’s what I liked. He hits back. I’m tired of Republicans always being a doormat,” said Jeff and Michael Dempsey.

“He understands what the people want. He can help us. He can make our country great. And to say that any other candidate can beat him is just not possible,” said Amy and Calvin Dempsey.

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