Product debuts with test that detects signs of cancer in dogs

Testing dogs for cancer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The leading cause of death in dogs is cancer, and about half of dogs die from cancer when they’re diagnosed with it.

As with human cancer, early diagnosis is always key. It can help you develop a treatment plan early on.

On Wednesday, OncoGuardX was debuted at the 2020 Global Pet Expo, and big retailers are biting. WBTV talked to Jake Messier about how it was developed, and how it works.

Messier says Founder and CEO John Wang. a PhD from Princeton, spent about 30-35 years coming up with things as a DNA scientist and has been coming up with all kinds of applications.

About five years ago, Messier says Wang decided to start looking at dog DNA at a molecular level and determined that cancer testing in dogs can be done with a simple swab as easy as a pregnancy test.

“Test a dog and within two minutes you find out whether or not there is cancer in their system,” Messier said. “Basically you swab the nose, and you put it into literally two pads. You put some saline on there. and within two minutes you either get two green, which is clear. One red, one green, which is there may be some issues going on, you might want to get tested. Or 100 percent it’s cancer, no false positives, no false negatives. If you get two reds, it’s cancer.”

The test doesn’t say what kind of cancer it is. Instead, there’s an app attached to the product that can set users up with veterinary oncologists that are anywhere within a 15 mile radius, so users have resources to go to if they get a positive on the test.

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