Not everyone is excited about Rock Hill’s $294 million school bond referendum proposal

Not everyone is excited about Rock Hill’s $294.5 million school bond referendum proposal

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - The Rock Hill School district is proposing a $294 million school bond referendum. Why? Because the Carolina Panthers still plan on moving the headquarters to the area.

Rock Hill’s Superintendent Dr. Bill Cook expects more families to follow in the footsteps of the Panthers and move to the area too. More families mean more students and the superintendent wants to make sure the district will have enough money to build new schools when that happens.

Presentation is everything.

“We want the community’s feedback, we want to be transparent, we want them to be involved,” said Dr. Cook.

From the informational fliers to the PowerPoint graphics, Superintendent Dr. Cook is pushing for taxpayers to believe in his 10-year vision for Rock Hill schools. A vision that is going to cost millions.

“We can’t argue that it’s going to cause taxes to go up,” said Dr. Cook.

If the bond passes, taxes will go up. Right now school officials expect that to be about $106 each year. School officials also say they’ll use the money to execute 32 different plans to replace or renovate schools that are at least 80 years old, as well as enhance the arts, athletics and wellness programs.

There are some who are against this bond proposal.

“I stand against the school bond issue,” said Paul Anderko.

Anderko says he used to work as a substitute teacher and doesn’t see the superintendent’s concerns.

“The schools in Rock Hill are in good shape,” said Anderko.

The superintendent says his plans are not set in stone and could change at any minute based on the needs of the district.

Dr. Cook also says he’s serious about being transparent. He is even offering up tours for anyone to see in person how bad of a shape some buildings are.

Voting for the school bond will be on March 31.

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