Charlotte residents sound off on potential for winter weather Thursday

Charlotte residents preparing for snow

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Winter weather is forecast for the Charlotte metro area Thursday. People across the area are well aware of the situation and the impact it could have on some communities.

Tiffany Anderson, a parent of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools student, told WBTV she was waiting to see if her 5-year-old son would have school Thursday.

“It’s hectic. It’s hectic trying to figure out are we going to work, am I dropping you off at school, are you coming to work with me so hopefully if it snows, everything just closes down,” said Anderson.

She said she wouldn’t mind seeing snow in Charlotte, but was hoping the school system would make an announcement about the weather Wednesday night.

“Let me know tonight whether we have to go to school tomorrow or what’s going on so we won’t have to rush in the morning,” said Anderson.

The mother would get her answer Wednesday night. Around 9:30 p.m. CMS announced that they were anticipating a regular school day Thursday, but that staff members would continue to monitor the weather conditions.

April Dean, a freshman student at East Mecklenburg High School, told WBTV she was hoping the district would cancel classes.

“I’m hopeful that they cancel school so I won’t have to do track practice tomorrow and run in the cold. I hate running in the cold,” said Dean jokingly.

Other Charlotte residents voiced concern that winter weather could make for treacherous roads.

“I’ve been on the road and been scared by other drivers multiple times,” said Charlotte resident Ann Jacks.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation shared a video on social media Wednesday to encourage drivers to be safe when driving in winter weather.

While some locals may be dreading the snow, others are intrigued by it.

“I grew up in Florida so I went 20 plus years with no snow, so when it does snow, I think it’s kind of cool,” said Charlotte resident Brett Yarnall.

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