MUSC Lancaster adds innovative technology, giving ICU patients specialized care around the clock

Lancaster County hospital adds new feature

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - If you have a loved one being treated at Lancaster’s MUSC Medical center, their care in the ICU just got a major upgrade.

The hospital just brought in more highly trained doctors who can now monitor critical care, around the clock.

With just a press of a button doctors called “intensivists” can be on a screen in less than 30 seconds using a HD 360 camera. The intensivists are doctors that are specialized in critical care for patients. By using a Skype-like video monitor, they appear on the screen and can alert the nurse of any suggested care.

The technology is called Tele- ICU through Advanced ICU Care.

The technology is also useful for situations where an ICU doctor that’s physically in the hospital but might be busy caring for a patient on another floor. Nurses say the virtual intensivist can often times get to a patient quicker than a doctor who’s physically in the hospital.

“As soon as we hit that button.. we have that doctor immediately," says Director of Critical Care for MUSC Lancaster, Daisy Rollings.

The technology just launched at MUSC Lancaster this week.

So far at hospitals across the country the company that makes the technology says they’ve reduced the amount of time patients have to stay in hospital by 20 to 30 percent.

The technology is currently in 90 hospitals nationwide.

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