No charges filed after investigation into viral video some called ‘mistreatment’ at Charlotte Dog Resort

No charges filed after investigation into viral video some called ‘mistreatment’ at Charlotte Dog Resort

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police’s Animal Care & Control say no charges will be filed after they concluded an investigation into video that surfaced showing what some called mistreatment of a dog by an employee at a local pet resort.

The video was reportedly filmed Thursday, Feb. 6, at the Charlotte Dog Resort on Sweden Road, off of South Boulevard in south Charlotte.

In the video you can see a woman pick a dog up by its collar for several seconds, then drop it forcefully on the ground. You can also hear the woman yelling “I will break your [expletive] neck!” at the dog after she drops it.

WBTV has confirmed the woman in the video was a manager at Charlotte Dog Resort and the dog belonged to her. The business has also since closed down.

Officers with CMPD Animal Control said very soon after the video surfaced that they were actively looking into the case. On Monday, Feb. 17, the department said they had concluded their investigation, stating there was not enough evidence to bring any charges.

AC&C said they interviewed the manager and the person who took the video. They said they believe there was a fight between dogs taking place in the corner just before the video pans in that direction.

“In the video, prior to the camera panning to the barking dogs, a dog fight had broken out amongst the dogs at an entrance/exit point in the corner of the play area. The fact that a dog fight was occurring must be factored into the totality of the situation,” officials said. “Therefore, there is not conclusive evidence in the case, including factoring in the information gained in the interview to charge the person in the video with animal abuse or animal cruelty.”

Officials said a veterinarian and an animal behaviorist evaluated the dog in the video and said it is OK.

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