Family, friends searching for missing Cordova woman

Family, friends searching for missing Cordova woman
Family, friends searching for missing Cordova woman (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Family, friends, and police are trying to find a missing Cordova woman.

Family members of Angela Shotwell say they became concerned when she didn’t show up to work Friday, something she never does. Now they’re hoping that flyers and spreading the word about her disappearance will bring her home safe.

Angela Shotwell's family and friends gathered in a parking lot in Cordova near where Shotwell lived.

When 48-year-old Shotwell didn’t show up to her job at a GE Appliance repair office Friday, the family became concerned.

"It was like a no-call no-show. She's been working there for years so for her just to not show up, it's not like her,” said Brandi Mason, Shotwell’s daughter.

Loved ones say they also haven’t heard from Shotwell since Friday and she normally stays in touch.

When they call Shotwell’s phone it goes right to voicemail.

"She makes sure we know, ‘well I'm going to be here. I might not have my phone,’ or ‘I'm going to be at the gym. I'm going to be at work.’ Wherever she is, she makes sure we know at least a little bit. But for her not to tell us nothing, it's not like her,” said Mason.

The goal Saturday was to spread as many flyers as possible all around the Cordova area where Shotwell lives.

"We’re going to go try to canvass the neighborhoods, see if anybody’s seen anything. Anybody know anything, maybe they can check their cameras to see if they’ve seen her leave, seen her come. We just want her to come home,” said Mason.

Those who care about Shotwell say the large group of people who showed up to help canvass nearby neighborhoods shows how infectious her personality is. Shotwell goes by the nickname “Kulaid.”

"She say her name is Kulaid because she say she's sweet as Kool-Aid. She's outgoing, she'll make you laugh,” said Mason.

Despite the concern of Shotwell's three children and seven grandchildren, the family is keeping a positive attitude. Soon they hope to be able to give her a hug again.

"At this point we're not hopeful. We're having faith that she's going to come home and she's going to be safe and sound. We just want her to come home,” said Mason.

The Shelby County Sheriff's deputies say they are checking surveillance cameras in the area to try to get clues to where she might be. They aren't conducting a ground search currently because investigators say they don't know where to look.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

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