Experts warn of possible water damage after rain, major storms

Experts warn of possible water damage after rain, major storms

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It’s been one week since the Charlotte area was pummeled by severe storms, including tornadoes and flooding. But experts are warning even if your house didn’t see the brunt of the storm, it could still have water damage.

“And it’s just pulling here in the corner and it wouldn’t surprise me down the road if they had foundation cracks," said Ron Weatherly, CEO and founder of Dry Pro.

He says homeowners should be on alert because of all the rain we’ve seen recently

“You get 2-4 inches of water in a few days or just a day, you’re gonna get water in the crawl space or the basement and you need to be concerned about it.”

He says ignoring a water damage problem after a storm, could lead to major foundation issues that could cost thousands of dollars down the road.

And it could get your family sick.

“When you have a wet crawl space, that causes mold to grow. With allergies and 40 to 50 percent of the air we breathe comes from the crawl space. If you have a dirt crawl space, a lot of the air your breathe is from the crawl space,” he said.

It’s not just water damage homeowners are dealing with. The town of Matthews is dealing with major debris from fallen trees, some of which fell on homes.

“A lot of trees down, a lot of things uprooting off the ground,” said Les Crane.

Crane works at Lowe’s and was driving around Matthews trying to get in touch with contractors to supply them the tools they need to get the community put back together.

“With the storm damage and stuff, a lot of plywood is being sold. Things o they can get something structurally sound so they can work and assess what’s going on," he said.

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