Driver with crushed hands explains decision to call 911 with toe

VIDEO: Driver with crushed hands explains decision to call 911 with toe

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - After an accident on the side of the interstate, a North Carolina woman reached out for emergency help by dialing 911 with her toe.

On Feb. 2, Kathy McDaniel pulled over to the shoulder of I-95 in Colleton County after a pot hole flattened her tire.

Having previously changed tires on multiple occasions, McDaniel retrieved a jack and a spare tire and began to replace the flat tire.

“As I put it on there, the wheel kind of slipped and I moved my hands up to the top and that’s when the car fell,” McDaniel recalled.

Her hands were immobile as they were crushed between the car and the tire.

After attempting to get other drivers’ attention, McDaniel decided to try to call for help using her cell phone. She slipped off her shoe and pressed on her phone’s “home” button.

“I held my toe down until that emergency came up and I just said, ‘Siri, call 911,'” she said.

The call connected and McDaniel was able to yell details about her location to the dispatcher.

Ten minutes later, first responders arrived and extracted McDaniel’s hands.

“When I pulled my hands, if you ever saw Wile E. Coyote cartoons, my fingers were pancakes,” she said. “They were smashed twice as wide and half as thick.”

McDaniel was rushed to Trident Medical Center, where a team of medical professionals cared for her.

“I pulled up the [X-Ray] films and they were normal,” said Kenneth Perry, MD. “So at that point, it was like - wait a minute. This person who we thought wasn’t going to have hands ends up not even having a broken bone.”

McDaniel said the only lingering effects from the accident are bruising and numbness.

“She’s a very brave woman to be able to think as quickly as she did and be able to figure out how to get on the phone with 911,” said Lauren Thompson, RN. “If your hands are trapped, how are you supposed to get to your phone? That had to take some quick thinking.”

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