Dream On 3: Braeden Bailey’s dream comes true

Dream On 3: Local teen meets his sports hero

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Braeden Bailey, 16, has a dream to go to a motocross race and meet professional driver, Adam Cianciarulo.

You might remember his name from last October when we featured a fundraiser called “Beers and Burpees” where 1,600 people from 80 gyms came together to drink beer and workout, while raising money for local charity Dream On 3. Our own Alex Giles emceed the event and in the middle of the fun, introduced everyone to Braeden.

From there, Alex helped unveil to Braeden that dream to meet his sports hero Adam Cianciarulo - the 2019 AMA 250cc motocross national champion – was going to come true.

Fast forward a few months, and the dream is becoming reality.

Braeden has a surprise kick-off party with family and friends and the next morning, is whisked off to California. After a stop at Disneyland… with cars and rides and flying high… he heads to Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

It was there he watched his favorite sport, dirt bike racing, live in action. His favorite rider, Adam Cianciarulo, came right over… handling what was a celebrity experience in Braeden’s mind, in a top-notch way.

Braeden Lives with Fragile X -a genetic disorder that causes developmental and physical challenges – similar to autism. And in addition to Fragile X, Braeden possesses social anxiety and social issues, making it a struggle for him to meet friends and be accepted by peers.

But while in California with his hero, none of that mattered.

All just a wild dream come true.

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