In Ron Sanchez’s 2nd season at Charlotte, the 49ers are a threat in Conference USA

In Ron Sanchez’s 2nd season at Charlotte, the 49ers are a threat in Conference USA

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - After only winning 8 games all of last season, the Charlotte 49ers have won 14 this year and have a legit shot at possibly winning the regular season title in Conference USA.

The Niners are currently 14-9 overall and 8-4 in league play which is tied for 3rd. Not bad for a program that was picked to finish 12th in the 14 team league.

They have also already qualified for the Conference USA tournament in March. Something this program hasn’t done since the 2016-17 season.

“Their hard work has put them in a position to experience the conference tournament and they should be very proud of that,” said coach Sanchez. “They’re traveling a hard road and they’re doing the right things. It’s a different feeling being in this spot than what we were last season.”

To make this even more remarkable, of the 9 players that get substantial minutes for coach, only 3 were on last year’s team. This is practially a new team but they clicked on and off the court almost instantly.

“They enjoy being around each other,” said coach. “On the road, at home, how they cheer for one another. Even the guys who are not receiving playing time, they do a great job making sure they provide energy or bring something every day. I’m happy that’s where we are because I don’t know if you can have any success if you don’t have that.”

Thursday, the Niners are at first place North Texas. The Mean Green are 10-2 in league play and if the Niners win that game, they will really turn heads.

But reguardless of the result on Thursday, the Niners have shown great improvement and seem to have the program pointed back in the right direction.

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