Lancaster County creek overflows, floods family’s 22 acres of land

Twelve Mile Creek floods family’s barn, forces horses to seek higher ground
(Mary King (custom credit) | WBTV)
Published: Feb. 7, 2020 at 12:43 PM EST
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Lancaster County, SC (WBTV) - We’ve seen floodwaters all over the WBTV viewing area following Thursday’s storms, and that includes Lancaster County where Twelve Mile Creek rose up so high that it flooded one family’s 22-acres of land.

The family did not want to talk on-camera, but they tell WBTV while the creek behind their home off US 521 and Henry Harris Road has come up closer to the home before, the last they remember it being this bad was Hurricane Florence.

In addition, they own horses, and they say in the past they have moved their horses before a big storm, but they didn’t realize this storm was going this bad.

The creek ended up flooded their barn and covered many of their supplies and at one point the water was so high it went past the front of their home forcing their three horses to try and seek higher ground.

Neighbors passing by say after seeing this, they’re just glad the family and the horses are okay.

“You can actually see it from 521- that it’s up to the house,” said Michelle Holland, who lives nearby. “That’s what caused me to come by and stop and see it. I just hope that everything gets out OK and there’s not a lot of damage for them.”

The homeowner says they received calls and concerns about the horses when people saw them in the waters earlier this morning, but they wanted to assure people they watched the waters through the night and had plans to get them out safely if needed.

Now they say they’re just waiting for the floodwaters to recede so they can begin the cleanup process, and they add if people want to lend a helping hand with that, they certainly won’t turn them away.

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