2020 Dream Gala raises more money money than any Dream On 3 gala yet to make kids’ dreams come true

Dream on 3 Gala 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This past weekend grassroots Charlotte charity “Dream On 3” raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help make dreams come true at its largest fundraiser yet, and WBTV was proud to be part of the special night.

WBTV anchor Molly Grantham was honored to be emcee for the 5th year in a row. Anchors Jamie Boll, Alex Giles, Dedrick Russell, Mary King and reporter Bria Bell were also on-hand representing WBTV News, and hopping up on stage to help rally the crowd.

“This is a sold-out crowd – sold out in two weeks,” she told the crowd at kick-off. “700 people here in Founders Hall, more than last year. So, congratulations to you all for having the hottest ticket in town.”

Dream On 3 is home-grown, but currently now in three cities – Atlanta, DC and Charlotte. Seven years ago it started as the brainchild of husband and wife team Elizabeth and Brandon Lindsey. They told everyone the fact they’ve gone from making three kids’ dreams come true its first year, to having 30 VIP dreams planned in Charlotte alone for 2020, blows them away.

Many of the dreams they make come true – plenty of which you see stories about here on WBTV – are getting shared more and more. Like, 6-year-old Noah Hall, showing the UNC-Charlotte football team up with his one-arm pushups.

It seemed only fitting that for the 2020 Dream Gala, Noah come back on stage with some UNCC football friends to let the big boys try to beat him again.

There was an obvious winner – Noah showed them all up.

It was a fancy fun vibe, with the kids as superstars… all 26 who had dreams come true last year invited back to the black-tie celebration inside Founders Hall.

Together, a live auction, live music, live interviews with some of the kids and families, and announcing the winners of Queen City Business of the Year, added together to rally the crowd to raise over $676,000, which will help make dreams come true for other kids next year as well.

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