Union County family claims rodent was found in produce purchased from Walmart

Union County family claims rodent was found in produce purchased from Walmart

UNION COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - A family from Union County claims they discovered a dead rodent in a bunch of collard greens they had purchased online from Walmart.

Husband and father, Jhoan Pulgarin, claims his wife ordered groceries from Walmart to be delivered to their Union County home last Friday. The order included a bunch of collard greens. Pulgarin claims the produce was stored in his home refrigerator from Friday until Sunday.

The father said he discovered a dead rodent in the collard greens as he was preparing to cook them Sunday.

"I'm pulling all the leaves out of the stem and as I'm pulling them out one by one, I start noticing that some of the leaves are bitten. So I start noticing and keep pulling them out and then I see it, there was a mouse right there,” explained Pulgarin.

He said he snapped a photo of the dead rodent after making the discovery. He said he then disposed of the mouse and the collard greens.

"I was disgusted immediately man. I was like, I don't know. It took everything out of me for me to keep cooking so I just told my wife go ahead a get a pizza,” Pulgarin explained.

While Pulgarin claims the collard greens were sitting in his refrigerator for two days, he’s convinced the rodent was already in the produce when it arrived at his home. When questioned by WBTV, he dismissed the idea that the mouse infiltrated the greens while in his refrigerator.

“We stay pretty clean. We pick up our food every night. I don’t think so,” said Pulgarin.

His wife shared the photo of the dead rodent on Facebook. Pulgarin explained that this was done to warn other people to be cautious about produce purchased from stores.

“It could happen to somebody else. Somebody else could either get sick from it or catch something that was from the mouse,” he said.

In response to WBTV’s questions about Pulgarin's claim, Walmart issued the following statement:

"We are committed to providing our customers with quality products. We take this seriously and are looking into it along with the supplier."

Pulgarin said his hope is that the company will work to be more careful with pest control and produce.

"They need to either evaluate or change maybe some of the protocols for how they handle the produce, maybe have a little more quality control even from the employees whenever they put it on the line," said Pulgarin.

While the Pulgarin family lives in Monroe, it is unclear which Walmart store or location is responsible for the delivery that included the collard greens.

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