Gaston County, others expected to vote on becoming Second Amendment Sanctuaries in next week

Updated: Jan. 21, 2020 at 6:08 PM EST
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GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Gaston County is voting soon on a new resolution that would make the county a second amendment sanctuary, meaning the county is formally stating they will protect the rights of responsible gun owners and make sure they are not restricted.

“The right is just trying to protect what we already have. We’re not trying to push anything on you," said Gaston County Commissioner Chad Brown.

Gaston County will vote on this resolution at their meeting next Tuesday but it does not change any laws regarding guns in North Carolina.

Brown said he’s co-sponsoring the resolution because he believes the second amendment is under attack.

“We’re going to fight you with everything we have to make sure our second amendment rights isn’t diminished in anyway," he said.

According to Brown, this resolution doesn’t change any laws but acts a formal statement from the county they will work to prevent the restriction of responsible gun owner’s rights.

“I think if we don’t get a grasp and Americans don’t wake up to what’s happening, we’re going to be a world of hurt from the liberal left," he added.

Gaston County could soon be joining the growing list of counties in the area doing the same thing. Lincoln County and Rowan County passed similar resolutions in early January.

Iredell County and Union County are expected to discuss becoming second amendment sanctuaries soon. It is expected to be brought up as a public comment at the next Cabarrus County Commissioner’s meeting.

But the decision hasn’t been met with full support.

The chairman of the democratic party in Gaston County, Daniel Caudill, said in a statement that because this wouldn’t change any laws, he feels, “there are many other things our elected leaders at all levels can do to make this great county even greater.”

His full statement reads as:

“As municipal ordinances do not supersede state or federal law it is curious to us as to why this specific subject is something our elected officials feel the need to work on. There are many things our elected leaders at all levels can do to make this great country even greater. As a gun owner, I find this resolution unnecessary and hope our board of commissioners will find more worthy opportunities moving forward.”

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