Chilling Ring video shows armed break-in attempt, moments after woman walks in home

VIDEO: Men try to follow woman into home

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A Ring doorbell camera captured the moments when Charlotte police say a woman walked into a home, shut the front door and then a split second later, two men rushed at the door, trying to break in with a gun in hand.

A WBTV reporter took that video to police and it sparked an investigation by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Now they’re tracking to track these people down.

“If we didn’t lock the door. I mean, me and my children could have probably been dead," says the homeowner.

It happened close to 1 a.m. in early January. The homeowner in the Reynolds Walk neighborhood in Yorkmount had just gotten home with her kids. Her sister got to the house just after the homeowner did. When she went to let her sister inside the front door, the Ring camera captured the attempted break-in.

“Soon as my sister walked in, they was hiding over there, they ran up and tried to walk in behind us with a gun," says the homeowner.

According to the police report, the two men tried to break into her home and one of them had a gun.

In the video you can hear the men curse as they run away, yelling “I got locked out" multiple times. One man appears to drop something in the front yard, then rush back to pick it up.

“In our head, we just heard a ‘boom boom boom’. In our head, we was like, ‘what was that?,’” explained the victim. “It just totally didn’t sit right with us so we go upstairs and look on the camera, there was a whole two guys outside with a gun.”

Chilling Ring video shows break-in attempt moments after woman walks into home

WBTV sat down and watched the video with Crime Prevention Officer Johnathan Frisk from CMPD.

“It’s frightening, it’s very very scary when you see something like that,” says Frisk. "But that one second, that one second where she actually locked that door, potentially saved her, and anyone else who’s on the inside of that house.”

He says what makes this situation even more dangerous, is how reckless the criminals appear to be when approaching the house.

“These suspects, it does not appear that they are worried about their faces being shown," says Frisk. “Seems like they were watching her from afar.”

Police say the family did everything right, locking their doors, keeping their front porch well lit.

CMPD says this is a good example of how important it is to lock your doors, keep your head on a swivel, being aware of your surroundings so that hopefully you don’t become a victim from a crime like this.

Another important tip from police - if you have bushes or a lawn, make sure that it is cut low and maintained. Officers say criminals will try to use anything they can, hiding behind cars or objects to stake out and then use any opportunity they can.

Police have not made any arrests in that case, but if those two men look familiar in that video or if you might know something relating to this crime, they’re asking you to report it to police. However, if you do believe you see these two men in public, they’re asking you to try and get a description of them if you can, but never put your own safety in jeopardy; report it to 911 immediately.

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