NoDa residents say young men are raising money for football program that no longer exists

Teens pretending to raise money for football team that doesn't exist

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Charlotte’s NoDa neighbors have been getting knocks on their doors from a group of young men who claim to be raising funds for a football team - but it no longer exists.

“Several times, sometimes in the same week, then there’d be a month or so gap, and it would happen again,” resident Luke Almond says.

The young men claim to be raising funds for a football team. It turns out, the football team whose name they are using - C-Meck Football - has been off the field for years.

“We’ve been happily retired for four years,” Former Vice President of the C-Meck football league Trina Steele says.

After playing in town for more than 20 years, C-Meck Football is closed. But former organizers say a group of boys is using their name to go door-to-door, asking for money to go to a tournament in Atlanta.

“To think that someone is out there using our name for donations, it wasn’t good,” Steele says.

Some neighbors are so concerned they are posting security video to websites like to warn their neighbors.

In one video, a woman asks a young man at her door what the name of his football team is. He answers, “C-Meck Patriots.”

Steele says the now-closed program’s former president tracked down one of the young men in the neighborhood. The young man tried to sell his story to the president himself.

“[He said ] ’Oh I’m with C-Meck football, we’re going on a tournament,’ and [the president] is like, ‘Whoa, I’m the president of C-Meck football, and what you’re doing is wrong,’” Steele says.

She and the other organizers want to set the record straight should their program ever come back to Charlotte.

“They may want to revamp it, and we don’t want our names to be damaged by this,” she says.

Neighbors want the kids to earn their wages honestly.

“You’re wasting all your time doing this," Almond says, "when you could’ve been doing legitimate work and getting paid for it.”

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