Oprah surprises local pharmacist, encourages health during Charlotte visit of Vision 2020 Wellness Tour

Updated: Jan. 17, 2020 at 7:43 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey was in Charlotte Friday for her Vision 2020 Wellness Tour. She is on a nine-city tour telling people the importance of being healthy when it comes to their mind, body and soul.

Charlotte is the third stop of her tour, which is selling out. Oprah believes the large attendance is a sign people are ready to receive information they need to get and stay on the road to health and wellness.

“Within these arenas you have people from red states, blues states and all different ideologies when it comes to politics and other things,” Oprah said. “But what we can agree on is that we all want to be well, we all want to be whole, we all want that for ourselves so we can better offer that to our families.”

On Friday, Oprah stopped by a pharmacy that is helping people get healthy and well. Premier Pharmacy located on Monroe Road is educating customers about their medication and assisting them on acquiring the necessary medication.

Dr. Martez Prince opened the pharmacy about five years ago. He is a pharmacist who has a one on one relationship with each of his customers. His customers say the doctor’s advice has made a difference in their lives. His work got Oprah’s attention and she wanted to tell him job well done.

“I could actually cry about the kind of courage and perseverance and determination it takes for a young brother to be working in a big box pharmacy,” Oprah said. “And say something doesn’t feel right about this - I think I am going to start my own business and I am going to do that for my community. I could weep. I could really weep - that’s what God wants - that is what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to look inside ourselves and say ‘oh I just don’t want a job - I want to use my life and service and how can I do that - make a living - offer myself and still get paid,’ and that is exactly what Dr. Prince did.”

Oprah believes what is happening at Premier should happen elsewhere.

“This Premier Pharmacy is not just an advantage and a great offering for this community,” Oprah said. “It’s a model for the country.”

Dr. Prince says Oprah’s visit confirms he is doing the right thing. He left a big box store to open up his own business.

“It really means a lot that you notice us,” Dr. Prince said. “You believe in what we do. And the fact that you said we are creating a model for the country - because that is really super important.”

Oprah’s next tour city is in Atlanta, Jan. 25. For more information about the tour click here.

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