Suspect dead after 8-hour standoff with N.C. officials

Man dead after 8-hour standoff in Ashe County

ASHE COUNTY N.C. (WBTV) - A man is dead following a standoff with law enforcement in Ashe County early Thursday morning.

Ashe County deputies say they were called to a welfare check in the Fleetwood area around 6 p.m. Wednesday when they were shot at multiple times.

“Phone calls and communication from the suspect indicated he wanted to cause harm to any law enforcement individual,” deputies say.

After an 8-hour standoff between the suspect and North Carolina officials, the suspect died. No law enforcement officers were harmed in the standoff.

The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating, which is standard protocol. The man’s name has not been released.

Authorities believe the suspect died in an exchange of gunfire but will await autopsy and the results of the SBI investigation before releasing any details.

Rebecca Miller lives just 100 yards from where the suspect barricaded himself. She was home alone and making dinner when it all started.

“I heard some gunfire,” Miller said.

In minutes, she says her husband called to tell her to get to a safe part of the house and a short time later, law enforcement arrived to evacuate her.

“We went out the back door and through the backyard,” she said.

As for what happened, she says she is sad that a man died but is grateful that law enforcement officers and first responders are all ok.

“This could have been much worse,’ she said.

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