NoDa street artist creates memorial mural on Brooks Sandwich House building

Artist honors Scott Brooks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - An anonymous NoDa street artist has been spray painting the same image, the same face, for a month.

“I’ve eaten Brooks sandwiches, but he touched lives for a decade,” the artist, known on Instagram as “@stencilspray,” says.

Scott Brooks was shot and killed on an early morning in December, as he was opening his restaurant, Brooks Sandwich House.

“It was immediately apparent to me how much of a touchstone this was for the community, and how important he was,” the artist says.

He says he came up with that latest design by that afternoon.

“I was staring at a picture of his face, and I see in relief and black, so I was already just looking at it as, ‘Oh man, this needs to be memorialized, like, immediately.’”

There is a reason he has scattered these pieces across the community - not just for the people who loved Scott to see and remember him.

“I really want whoever is responsible for the act to see Scott Brooks everywhere he goes for the rest of his life,” the painter says. “And I want to make it very difficult to have lunch without seeing his face.”

He says people brought his art to Scott’s vigil, and they’ve brought it into businesses. Scott’s face is seen on street signs, fences and in bars across town.

“They were picking up and carrying around their memory and something to honor someone,” the artist says. “So art can certainly serve the community in that respect.”

This artist will continue to serve the community. He found out Tuesday that the Brooks family would like him to enlarge the stenciled image of Scott, and paint it right onto the back of the Brooks Sandwich House building.

On Jan. 22, WBTV’s Amanda Foster got these photos from the anonymous artists who painted the memorial mural of Scott Brooks’ face on the back of Brooks Sandwich House, per the family’s request. The memorial also included Scott’s motto “Too Blessed To Be Stressed.”

No one has been arrested in connection to the killing of Scott Brooks. The reward for any information leading to an arrest is $21,000.

The family will announce the restaurant’s date for re-opening on Thursday.

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