Kannapolis school bus driver fired for yelling at students

Kannapolis school bus driver fired for yelling at students

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (WBTV) - A bus driver with the Kannapolis City Schools has been fired after a video was given to school administrators that appeared to show the driver yelling at students.

“She’s the one acting like an animal here, so it scared me for my child to be in somebody’s hands that screams I don’t care about you children after you literally just ran over a curb," said Julia Jackson.

The video was taken by a middle school student who was on the bus at the time. At one point in the video the bus driver appears to say “I don’t care about none y’all little kids.”

“The behavior of the bus driver shown on the video is very upsetting and not acceptable at all. No one should speak to children like that,” the school system said in a statement. “We suspended the bus driver the moment we saw the video, and she has been fired by the district.”

“Kannapolis City Schools will never tolerate that kind of behavior from any of its employees. We have reached out to the families involved to apologize and let them know that we addressed the situation strongly and swiftly,” the statement said.

School officials will meet with all bus drivers on Wednesday “to remind them of the standards and expectations in Kannapolis City Schools.”

“KCS expects all of its employees to treat students with kindness and respect,” the statement continued. “Bus drivers are given training at the beginning of each school year that includes these expectations, but the standards clearly were not met in the instance shown on the video. That is why KCS will hold a follow-up meeting with all drivers to re-emphasize the standards with them.”

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