Deputy hurt by man causing disturbance in Rowan County courthouse

Deputy hurt by man causing disturbance in Rowan County courthouse
A deputy suffered a fractured shoulder while involved in a melee with a man in the courthouse. (Source: Rowan Sheriff's Office)

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - A deputy with the Rowan Sheriff’s Office was hurt while in a confrontation with a man in the Rowan County courthouse.

Caleb Michael Bridges, 27, of Winston-Salem is in the jail under a bond of $2500 on charges of disorderly conduct and resist, obstruct, and delay. More charges are possible.

According to the report, Bridges, who said he was coming to the courthouse to pay a fine, became upset when he entered the courthouse on Monday morning after being told to remove his boots before going through the metal detector.

Bridges threw the boots onto the conveyor belt and began cursing. Deputies Tommy Duncan and Debra Yokley asked Bridges to calm down and told him that they would get him in and out as quickly as they could.

Bridges continued cursing the deputies. They asked Bridges to leave and come back when he had calmed down. As Bridges continued arguing, the deputies told him that he would be arrested if he did not leave. Instead, Bridges walked through the metal detector towards the cashier’s window.

Deputy Yokley told Bridges to put his hands behind his back and told him that he was under arrest. Bridges resisted, and Deputy Duncan began to assist in the arrest. The two deputies then called for help and got responses from Deputy Howell, Sgt. Jakupovic and Lt. Rucker.

While trying to get control of Bridges, deputies forced him to the ground. Jakupovic injured his shoulder during the melee, fracturing his shoulder in two places.

Bridges remained out of control after being booked into the jail, according to the report. He broke a camera in the detox holding area and so the deputies had to place him in a restraint chair. They also had to use pepper spray on Bridges.

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