Trim your car ownership costs in the new year with N Charlotte Toyota tips

Trim your car ownership costs in the new year with N Charlotte Toyota tips
N Charlotte Toyota tips


Owning a car isn’t cheap, especially if you want to take care of your investment and have it up and running in the years to come. Car ownership is a big responsibility and between insurance, gas, maintenance, and monthly payments, you can find yourself with a pretty hefty bill. However, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is here with tips on how to cut down on car ownership costs to save some money and do your budget a favor in the new year.

5 simple ways to cut car ownership costs

Tip #1: Know what you’re buying.

You should always make sure that your monthly payment is going to fit into your budget, but also look at car ownership costs like how much it’s going to cost to maintain, fuel, and insure your ride BEFORE you buy it. That way, you’re prepared to adjust your budget accordingly when you do sign the dotted line.

Tip #2: Shop insurance wisely.

You have to insure your car. Period. It’s illegal to drive without it. Your best bet is to shop different insurance companies to see which one gives you the best rate. Additionally, ask them about student discounts for high schoolers and college students, and see if bundling insurance will drop your premiums. Some companies give a discount for bundling homeowners or renter’s insurance with auto insurance. And be sure to give them a detailed account of all the safety features on your N Charlotte Toyota - the safer your car is, the more affordable it is to insure.

Tip #3: Get on a routine car care schedule.

To keep your car up and running and prevent costly, annoying repairs, schedule routine car maintenance. Sure, you’ll have to pay for oil changes and tire rotations, but it’ll extend the life of your car and its parts so you aren’t paying for constant problems to be fixed in your car ownership costs. Stick to a routine car care schedule for things like oil changes, tire rotations, tuneups, brake service, battery checks, wheel alignments, and air and oil filter changes. Our N Charlotte Toyota service techs can help you set up a schedule.

Tip #4: Adjust your driving habits.

Adjusting your driving habits can save you money, believe it or not. Carpooling uses less fuel and puts fewer miles on your vehicle, and consolidating multiple errands into one trip has the same effect. You should also always try to take the most efficient route to your destination based on traffic and distance.

Tip #5: Boost your fuel efficiency.

Cut down car ownership costs when it comes to fuel by simple tasks like emptying out your trunk, accelerating gently, and using cruise control when it’s safe and appropriate to do so. All of these easy tweaks can boost fuel efficiency.

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