Husband, wife killed in apparent murder-suicide in York County

Husband, wife identified in apparent murder-suicide

YORK COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Officials have released the names of a man and wife deputies say were killed in an apparent murder-suicide in York County Monday.

The incident happened at a home on Turkey Creek Ridge Road near McConnells around noon. On Tuesday, the victims were identified as 29-year-old Miranda Nivens and 42-year-old Jason Nivens.

According to the York County Sheriff’s Office, deputies believe the husband fatally shot his wife before turning the gun on himself.

Now investigators are looking into two domestic violence related calls within the past year from the Nivens’.

“If you’re feeling like your voice isn’t being respected, like, for some reason, there are things that you can’t say because you’re concerned about what’s going to happen when you say them. Then talk with somebody about and somebody that you trust," said Tiffany Byrd, the executive director of Safe Passage.

Byrd has worked with domestic violence victims from all walks of live for the past 6 years.

On Tuesday, she was working on a domestic violence fatalities response plan for Safe Passage, after news broke that a husband and wife both lost their lives in a domestic violence murder-suicide in York County.

“It can happen to the prom queen. It can happen to, you know, an elected official, it can happen to somebody who is struggling to make ends meet, none of those things matter,” said Byrd.

She does her best to help people spot warning signs early on.

“If there’s significant behavior changes, so if maybe the victim is a bit more jumpy or preoccupied with their partner what they think maybe what they say to them, listening to the comments that they say are being made,” said Byrd.

York County Sheriff says for this couple they went out twice in the past year for domestic violence related calls.

The first time was in February 2019. Jason allegedly fell into the mud and Miranda laughed at him, then Jason threw a shovel at her car. Miranda called the police, who concluded it was an “unfounded” domestic call.

The second call came in November 2019, when Miranda requested an escort to go home.

The South Carolina Solicitors Office says the options for law enforcement in incidents like these is to arrest someone in the domestic dispute based on probable cause or to leave leave.

In both of this couple's prior incidents no arrests were made.

“There are a million small things that happen within relationships that a lot of times get overlooked as It was just one bad night or it was just a small argument, looking at the arguments that you have and how you interact with this person that is important to you," said Byrd.

According to the South Carolina Domestic Violence Advisory committee South Carolina ranks as the nation’s sixth-worst state for women killed by men in domestic violence situation.

If you or someone you love may be in a dangerous relationship or if you have questions about options, you can contact people who want to help here through Safe Passage.

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