Uptown eatery says profits have been hurt by nearby construction

Uptown eatery says profits have been hurt by nearby construction

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - An uptown Charlotte restaurant has suffered due to nearby construction, according to the general manager of the business.

Mario Carbajal, a partner and general manager at Que Onda Tacos + Tequila, said the Mexican restaurant has recently been surrounded by construction projects.

Que Onda is located right at the intersection of Mint and Trade streets in uptown Charlotte. There is roadwork being done on Mint Street. Construction has also caused Trade Street to be closed off while crews work to install a streetcar. Most recently, scaffolding has been placed right in front of the entrance to the restaurant.

“Some of the complaints I get are the dust, the noise and the inconvenience,” said Carbajal.

He said the construction has made his business less visible and has resulted in a loss of profits.

“I think business has declined about 40 percent for the summertime – about 10 percent to 20 percent for the colder months,” said the general manager.

Several people were still inside of the restaurant Wednesday night, but they had to walk under the scaffolding to get to the front doors of the business.

“When we walking up today we made the comment like ‘it’s so sad people probably don’t know that this is here or think that it’s not open’,” said Jazmin Brown, a customer at Que Onda.

Carbajal said that while the business has lost money because of the surrounding construction, he has no intention of closing Que Onda. His hope is that the projects will bring more customers to the area once they have been completed.

He said he is thankful for the loyal patrons who continue to frequent the eatery.

“Every single person that walks in here, I’m grateful for them. I hope that they have a good time and they tell their friends and their friends tell their friends and they come and join us. Construction’s not gonna stop us from selling good product,” said Carbajal.

He said the scaffolding should be removed from the front of his business in a matter of weeks and his plan is to put signs along the sidewalk to let customers know the restaurant is still open despite the work being done nearby.

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