S.C. white nationalist politician accused of kidnapping family at gunpoint denied bond

Updated: Jan. 9, 2020 at 5:02 PM EST
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YORK COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - At times during the proceedings, Augustus Invictus would seem to smile and smirk at the charges that were read against him. Charges that could land him in jail for over fifty years.

Flanked by armed Rock Hill police officers, the 36-year old Invictus stood before a judge for his first bond hearing Thursday afternoon after being extradited from Florida. Invictus – who was a speaker at the white nationalists rally in Charlottesville where a woman was killed - is being accused of domestic violence, kidnapping and gun-related charges.

The charges come after his estranged wife claims he held the family at gunpoint, forcing them to Florida. His wife and kids later escaped.

While Invictus appeared to scoff at the idea he was a flight risk, Rock Hill Detective Matthew Beech read from the suspect’s online writings in court to show Invictus’ mindset.

“The destruction I insight is not terrorism. The only aim is the destruction of buildings or person plaguing the Earth. The long term aim is the overthrow of this civilization. It has absolutely nothing to do with causing fear. This is terrorism the same way removing a tumor is terrorism. Although you are the cancer, and I am the Earth’s physician.”

The suspect disputed the claims, and demanded an apology from Detective Beech “when” he was found innocent of the charges against him.

Bond was denied by the judge. He was also assigned a court-appointed lawyer and will be back in front of the bench on February 3rd.

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