Carolina Waterfowl Rescue planning to send knitted nests to Australia in wake of massive fires

Updated: Jan. 6, 2020 at 11:44 PM EST
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UNION COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Representatives from the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Union County are planning to send shipments of knitted nests to Australia this week. Because of the massive fires happening on the Australian continent, many animals have been burned and displaced.​

Jennifer Gordon, director of the rescue, said there is a need for the nests down under.​

“Australia is famous for its multiple marsupials and they have pouches and they’re asking people to knit pouches and nests and various things so we can replicate some of that,” said Gordon.​

She said her organization had previously collected the knitted nests during a special campaign. She said they received a surplus and have been keeping thousands of the nests in a storage unit.​

"They'll probably use more of these bigger ones but I'd say there's probably hundreds in here," said Gordon as she filed through one plastic bag full of the nests Monday night.​

Like everyone else, Gordon has seen the pictures of the massive fires ravaging the Australian continent and the videos of helpless animals struggling to survive.​

"I have a hard time even looking at it and seeing the images. There are people that have died as well but some of are animals species are going to be extinct after this so it's really hard to grasp that and fathom how big of deal it is," said Gordon.​

(Carolina Waterfowl Rescue)

She explained that the Australian fires hit home for her. Just two years ago the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue lost several birds in a fire.​

"You know it does just bring back the memories because it's such a horrible way to die - the pain and the suffering," said Gordon.​

She said she plans to ship some of the nests this week. She said her organization doesn't need any more nests, but could use help shipping the items to Australia.​

Gordon says anyone who would like to sponsor postage for a package of nests can contact the Carolina Water Fowl Rescue at​

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