Samaritan House offering Christmas cheer for homeless released from hospitals

Updated: Dec. 25, 2019 at 3:58 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The Christmas season can be a hard time of year for those suffering from illnesses, especially for those who are also suffering from homelessness.

Samaritan House in Charlotte gives homeless people a place to recuperate after being released from the hospital so they have a real chance of getting better.

Eight people woke up at Samaritan House on Christmas morning thankful for a warm bed, a meal and a sense of community off of the streets.

“It felt good," current resident Derwin Wingate said. "I laid there for a minute and looked up for a minute and said well at least I’m not outside.”

Derwin Wingate has been at Samaritan House for four months after winding up in the hospital.

“I got into an incident when I was out on the streets," he said. "I had a fractured skull and a concussion.”

Wingate was homeless for three years after losing housing because of his drug addiction.

“The hospital makes referrals to us and then we turn around and take care of those folks just like you would at home,” Brad Goforth, Samaritan House Executive Director, said.

The goal is to give the homeless a fighting chance at recovery.

“They make sure I get to all of my appointments, they give you a place to eat you don’t have to worry about food, they provide you with clothing,” Wingate said.

“This is the season of good cheer of helping people out,” Goforth said.

Volunteer groups dropped off presents to go under the tree. They are offering a helping hand to instill hope.

“I think it’s gonna get better,” Wingate said. “I know it’s gonna get better.”

Volunteers connect the people staying at Samaritan House with resources in the community to help them get jobs and housing so that when they leave, they aren’t returning to the streets.

Wingate is working to stay sober and find affordable housing for he and his wife.

For details on how to get involved, click here.

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