Surveillance footage catches moments before deadly crash, neighbors call for drivers to slow down

Updated: Dec. 19, 2019 at 12:19 PM EST
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CHESTER, S.C. (WBTV) - It's been a little more than two weeks since a fatal crash in Chester killed two friends on York Street.

Investigators say results from their toxicology reports show both the driver, 46-year-old Antonio Worthy, and his passenger, 40-year-old Jamal Perkins were intoxicated at the time of the crash. The coroner's office says their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.137 and 0.293, respectively. Police say Perkins also had THC in his system.

Chester police have also said they believe Worthy was also going over 80 miles per hour down the 30-mph street.

A neighbor on York Street, Jenifer Minors, discovered her surveillance camera captured the truck flying down the street just moments before it wrecked, as well as the sounds of the impact of the crash. Minors shared the video with WBTV and concerns about people regularly speeding on the city street.

"You can just hear it, it does echo," said Minors of cars regularly speeding in front of her Chester home. "You know what 30 mph sounds like," she added.

But Minors says when she's out with her dog, that's not a sound she hears often. Instead, she and other people on York Street like gardener John Wilson hear something else.

"Speed," said Wilson. "Like a race track sometimes. I’m on the lawnmower bagging out, and I’m afraid."

Both Wilson and Minors say it happens all the time, but Minors says she was stunned when, on the night of December 3rd, her security cameras caught the truck involved in the fatal crash flying down York Street.

"It was chilling," said Minors. "It's like, closing your eyes, and you can hear every bump they hit. When the car flipped, hit a tree - it’s just chilling to know what they went through."

Investigators believe the truck went airborne after hitting the railroad tracks on York Street before eventually flipping and hitting a tree and a fence and coming to rest in front of a home. As evidence of the crash remains, Minors, who’s also a deputy coroner, hopes the tragedy will remind people to slow down.

We also spoke to Chester police who say because of the accident they're increasing enforcement on York.

"It's going to be high visibility," said Chester Police Chief Eric Williams. "We do have a traffic unit, and they will be patrolling these areas and be doing hard line patrols here just to be seen."

But Minors adds she thinks more speed limit signs would also help.

"As far as I know there's one sign, so it'd be nice to have a few more," said Minors.

So we reached out to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) to see if that was possible, and learned there is supposed to be another sign not too far from Minors' home that is missing. DOT officials tell us they're now working to get a new 30-mph sign up in the next two weeks.

Minors adds she ultimately knows the choice is up to drivers, but hopes the new sign and additional enforcement will lead to change.

"Trying to even do yard work is unsafe," said Minors. "We just hope [drivers] pay attention that we're out here, and that we're just as important as they are."

SCDOT tells us once the sign is back up, there will be a total of four speed limit signs on York Street within Chester city limits. That includes a 25-mph sign that is at the edge of downtown Chester.

In South Carolina, the speed limit is always 30 miles per hour in urban districts unless otherwise posted.

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