Local waitress receives incredible tip for the holiday season

Local waitress receives incredible tip for the holiday season
Lisa Derrick and family

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Lisa Derrick has been serving customers for 20 years, eventually finding herself at Skyland Family Restaurant for the past year.

In all of the years that Derrick has been waiting on others, she says she never had a group quite like the ones that came in on Thursday.

After the group had paid their check and left the restaurant, Derrick discovered two envelopes placed on the table with her name on them.

‘I open the card and pull out the card and the money...I noticed a hundred dollar bill first. As I continue to pull the card and the money out, I could tell is was a pile of money.'

All said, Derrick had received two cards wishing her a happy and magical holiday along with $1,600 in cash!

‘It was a major blessing, and I’ve never received such a blessing.’

As a single mom and grandmother, Derrick is especially grateful for the gift during the holiday season.

‘I would say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You just made my Christmas, my children’s’ Christmas, took care of my bills for me. I just hope the blessing comes back to them as well’

Derrick had never met these customers before but the giving spirit that they left behind lives on at Skyland where she has already given some of the money away to co-workers who could use it as well.

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