Fireplace ember starts fire underneath floorboards in Lancaster home

Stray spark catches family's home on fire

LANCASTER, S.C. (WBTV) - A scary night for a Lancaster family after they had to call the fire department to their house for a massive fire underneath their floor boards.

The Lancaster County Fire Marshall says it was a unique fire because the flames were contained to underneath the house. The Fire Marshal’s office says the fire started after an ember from the fireplace fell through a crack in the floor boards. They’re now using this fire as a reminder to get chimney’s inspected.

Thankfully the family is okay, thanks to smoke detector that possibly saved their lives.

“Your home is your castle, so you need to take care of it. The first line of defense is having a working smoke alarm," said Lancaster County Fire Marshal Russell Roger.

The homeowner said he woke up to the smoke detector and started to get his kids out of the house, but noticed there was only light smoke and he couldn’t see any flames. When the fire department got to the house, smoke was coming out from underneath the home.

After making sure everyone was okay, the fire department got to work.

“Putting water on smoke does not put the fire out, so we have to find the object that’s burning and put the water on it," said Rogers

The Shiloh Zion Volunteer Fire Department spent three hours cutting into the floorboards in the living room of the home to access the flames and put out the fire so it didn’t spread.

“It was a lot of work to cut up the floor and get to where the fire was but once it was exposed it was relatively easy to put out," said Rogers.

It’s a good reminder to make sure you get your chimneys inspected every year and replace your smoke detector batteries.

“Having a professional eye is going to make sure its working correctly and make sure you don’t have a fire that extends into your home," said Rogers.

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