Lightrail popular option over expensive parking during ACC Championship game in Charlotte

ACC Traffic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A big question for people coming in to Charlotte to watch the ACC Championship game on Saturday was how are they going to get to the stadium.

Often times that answer includes a traffic jam. This year transportation options were a bit different with the light rail running on a special schedule just for the game.

With so many people pouring into the city the issue of how to get around was on everyone’s mind.

“Traffic is insane, it’s so bad. We drove around for so long,” said Dakota McGhee, a light rail rider.

Football fans pouring from the light rail is not what McGhee says she is used to seeing.

“Usually there’s like nobody on it," said Abby Sauce, another rider.

But tonight with the ACC Championship game in the Queen City riders said they were packed in to full train cars heading to Uptown Charlotte.

Hundreds who opted for the light rail. CATS increased service tonight for the LYNX blue line by having employees watch crowds on the ground to determine if and how many more trains were needed to run.

Many others decided to get behind the wheel, but it comes at a price.

“We couldn’t find parking anywhere and if you did find it it was like $50,” said Chandray Broughton.

Carly Fenemore usually drove to the game in years past, but says she noticed this year a change in price.

“They’ve increased, I think last year the same parking lot was like $25-$30 and now it’s $40-$50,” said Fenemore.

For students like McGhee and Sauce who were coming to work for the game, high parking costs are problematic, even at cheaper lots.

“We get paid like $10 and we come and pay $20 to park so it kind of defeats the purpose," said Sauce.

The blue line typically runs every 30 minutes. Saturday night it ran every 8-10 minutes, CATS estimates.

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