Young patients get words of encouragement from those who donate blood to save their lives.

Blood donors send puppies of encouragement

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Today the blood distribution non-profit, One Blood, gave stuffed puppies with notes of encouragement to patients and their families at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.

The messages are gathered at blood drives in November and December. Anyone who donates blood writes a message, some even a prayer, for the child who will receive the puppy.

One Blood distributes blood to 250 facilities across the southeast, including Levine Children’s Hospital.

I met the Terukina family. One of their twins gets blood products every day. They give him a fighting chance.

One Blood holiday gift donations
One Blood holiday gift donations

“My brother’s named Kekoa which means warrior. So we know him as a warrior," his twin Keoni told me as he read picked out the perfect puppy to take up to his brother.

Twins’ father is from Hawaii, they gave him the warrior name because he was a fighter even before birth!

The family is all working to stay strong. They know the blood Kekoa is getting every day is a gift, like those caring for the young warrior and his entire family!

“I thought nurses just take care of the patient. And they’re do but here, but it’s like home. They’re like your family members here with you and everyone is a part of you. They take care of you. They watch out for you just like how they watch out for my brother,” Keoni said with wisdom well behind his ten years!

You blood donation, according to One Blood, has the potential of saving three lives.

To learn about a blood drive near you, click this link.

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