Concord Police busy enforcing no left turn at busy intersection

No Left Turns at Busy Intersection

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - On Thursday officers with the Concord Police Department were busy stopping drivers who were making illegal left turns at the recently reconfigured intersection of Concord Parkway (Highway 29) Poplar Tent Road and McGill Avenue.

“This design was put in place to reduce congestion," said Concord spokesman Peter Franzese. "The police department is here to make sure people understand that it’s not safe to turn left here. It’s not designed for that anymore.”

The intersection has large signs pointing out that left turns are not permitted in the intersection, but drivers can go forward a short distance to get in a marked lane for a U-turn.

Even so, a WBTV reporter watched as driver after driver ignored the signs, made the left turn, then got pulled over by a police officer.

“The fine itself is about $25, but court costs associated with that make it a significantly higher cost that the violater will have to incur," Franzese added.

Some drivers are complaining that the new configuration is confusing. “I think it’s confusing for drivers to figure out which way they need to go, especially with the u-turns, people still wanting to tun left, hard to figure out what to do," said Dylan Starnes.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation said a reduced conflict intersection is designed to reduce crashes by 15 percent, compared to a regular intersection.

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