Stationary ‘UFO’ recorded over South Carolina ignites offbeat conspiracy theories

Stationary ‘UFO’ recorded over South Carolina ignites offbeat conspiracy theories
Some people believe this moment from the YouTube video is when a government "spotter plane" encountered a UFO over South Carolina. (Source: Photo provided to Charlotte Observer)

SOUTH CAROLINA (Mark Price/Charlotte Observer) - Video of a comet-like object reportedly seen over South Carolina has found its way to YouTube, resulting in an increasingly strange series of conspiracy theories and wild guesses.

It shows something streaking across the sky, but the object appears to be stationary. Meanwhile, what seems to be a passing aircraft flies behind it, and their white trails cross about one minute into the video.

Among the theories is the second craft was a government “spotter plane” sent to investigate a potential UFO.

Kymberleigh Jordan posted the undated video about six weeks ago, calling it a “strange unidentified object.”

It has since been shared by other YouTube sites, many devoted to UFOs., strange phenomenon and doomsday prophesies.

“I have never seen anything like it before and would really like to know if anyone else knows what this is?” Jordan posted with the video.

“I’ve seen falling stars, and they light up and disappear really fast. This object was moving, but barely. You can’t even tell it is moving in this video, but it was moving downward very slowly.”

Stranger still, she writes, there was “an object” inside the smoky trail. “There is an ‘eye’ in this ‘comet.’ ... I have so many questions.”

The video was shared last week by the Nick Thomas TV Channel, devoted to NIBIRU and UFOs. NIBIRU is “a supposed planet” destined to collide with Earth at the end of 2012 -- if you believed in the popular interpretation of the Mayan calendar, according to

Nick Thomas posted that Jordan recorded an “incoming planet in Nemesis System...headed toward earth.”

Others speculated it was “some kind of space debris or rocket reentry” ... or one of “the signs Christ warned in the heavens before his coming.”

Michael Joshua Lewis suggests the second trail of exhaust was the contrail of a government “spotter plane” sent to check out the suspicious object. “You know they know when they are coming,” he wrote, leaving it to our imagination who might be coming.

As with all suspected UFO videos, doubters also posted comments on YouTube, particularly in response to suggestions it was a “Nemesis System Planet” hurtling toward Earth.

“Incoming what? R U serious,” Kevin Lesco posted.

“Stop smoking,” Daman-wazhere-Elliott added.