Molly’s Kids: NC 8-year-old needs kidney by end of year

Molly’s Kids: NC 8-year-old needs kidney by end of year
(Source: Family)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Isaac Coleman is running out of time for a new kidney.

This 8-year-old lives in Davidson. He must – doctors say – have a transplant by the end of the year.

I’ve never heard of anything like what has happened to Isaac: Years ago he had a bone marrow transplant that CHANGED his DNA. This means his family members are no longer his best match for a new kidney. That's a tough thing for a parent to digest. His mom Mindy is the one hugging him here... as she said, we're trained to be the ones to help our kids.

(Source: Family)

Isaac’s medical journey began at birth, when he was diagnosed with a generic disorder called Fanconi Anemia. For Isaac, that meant many side effects and impact, including a bone marrow transplant, a hearing aid, slight deformations in his arms, bladder issues and living with a catheter.

Plus, those kidney problems. Isaac's kidney has only ever worked at 50%, which is why he now needs a new one. Mindy says that doctors told her if he doesn’t find a donor before 2020, he’ll have to start dialysis.

That would be exceptionally difficult on his little body.

Because Isaac has the popular AB blood type, most people are a match. The trick is finding a great match, and someone willing. There is a series of tests the donor would need to complete and pass, the first step being a phone call, some questions and a CT scan. Nothing invasive, but full health checks.

The donor doesn’t have to be a child. It can be anyone who is a healthy match.

The other thing – and his parents know this is a major part – the surgery for Isaac has to take place in Ohio. That’s because Isaac is just so high-risk. That's the best place for him. The testing can happen in Charlotte, but if the donor needs to fly to Ohio, Isaac’s family will cover the costs of all travel. The least they can do, they say, in exchange for saving their son.

(Source: Family)

If you’re interested, please email Isaac’s Transplant Coordinator. Her name is Laura Mooney. Her direct email is

Please write her directly -- not Isaac’s parents. Though, they will be reading all comments below and you're welcome to write them a message there.

You never know where these stories land… again, this 1st grader has to find a match by end of December.


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