Small Business Saturday sales are a win for everybody

Small Business Saturday sales are a win for everybody

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - “Being a small business, we love seeing familiar faces come through the door,” Lisa Pearce said of the Small Business Saturday sale at South End Exchange.

A survey by the National Retail Federation found almost forty-one percent of people shopping over the holiday weekend will spend their money at a locally owned business.

Loyal customers to South End Exchange keep the home decor and consignment shop, and the smaller shops inside, thriving.

That was really the idea behind Small Business Saturday. It makes sense. Not everyone wants to brave the crowds on Black Friday! Pearce, and other local businesses, offer deep discounts Saturday.

"Our vendors will all have specials. We'll have 20 percent off all our rugs here. And then we'll have specific consignment items that will have big markdowns on them," Pearce said of the sale they're holding.

She said this is a way of saying, "Thank you" to the customers who have kept them in business for fifteen years.

Small Business Saturday isn't just for gift buying.

Modern Fabrics, a discount designer fabric store on South Boulevard, is lowering its prices as well. (LINK)

"We will start offering thirty percent off starting Saturday through the end of December," James Powell said of their big holiday markdowns.

The company works with furniture makers to,"rescue", if you will, fabric that otherwise would end up in a landfill. They sell the designer fabric for al fraction of its original cost.

Owner Powell, who has been in business for ten years in January, says he expects to see familiar faces, and new ones on Small Business Saturday.

"Just a lot of folks come in. We'll see do it yourselfers, anybody looking for high quality fabrics at a great value. We try to help them out and beautify their homes."

From an economic standpoint, Small Business Saturday is good for our communities. The shops employ local people. They contribute to the local tax base, and customers shop in stores where you find items not offered in big box stores.

"Small Business Saturday is a very big deal for us," Powell, of Modern Fabrics told me.

"They do a lot of their online shopping, Friday they hit the big box stores, and Saturday comes and they do the smaller shop and get the deals from small companies like ours."

At South End Exchange Small Business Saturday is a holiday tradition for many of their regulars.

"We have a lot of families come in from out of town with their family members who shop at our store on a regular basis."

Pearce added, blushing, “We love to overhear customers tell family, ‘This is our favorite store!’”

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