She had been ‘arrested’ by Ohio cops when her boyfriend suddenly fell to one knee

She had been ‘arrested’ by Ohio cops when her boyfriend suddenly fell to one knee
'Pulled over proposal' (Source: Norwood Police Department)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Mark Price//The Charlotte Observer) - A confused Ohio woman who believed she was headed to jail got an even bigger surprise when her boyfriend fell to one knee in front of the two arresting officers and proposed.

It turned out to be an elaborate set-up — and officers in Norwood were in on the ruse, according to a Norwood Police Department Facebook post.

Grant Speace made the proposal on Sunday, the post said. The town is about 10 miles northeast of Cincinnati.

Hailey Stultz tearfully accepted with a hug, but not before suffering a series of embarrassments that included being told she was wanted by police for a crime she was positive never happened.

In a video posted by Norwood Police, Officer Nathan Fornash is seen informing Grant Speace he has a broken brake light that needs fixing.

“Ma’am, did you know you had a warrant?” Fornash then asks Stultz, as she sits in the passenger seat. “Here’s the issue: You’re either going to go to jail, or if you have about $100, $150 for bond, okay, I can give you a court date.”

When the incredulous woman confessed having no cash, the officers escort her to the back of vehicle. It’s there that Speace quickly falls to one knee, pulls out a ring and pops the big question.

She covers her mouth and appears to cry, before giving Speace a hug.

“How did you do that?” she asks Speace and the two officers, wiping tears away. “I was shaking. I was so mad at him.”

The couple got married two days later, according to WKRC.

Norwood Police posted the video on Thanksgiving with a note: “We were happy to help Grant ask for Hailey’s hand in marriage on Sunday afternoon. Congratulations and we hope you have a marriage filled with many years of love and laughter. We would like to thank Grant for his service in the United States Coast Guard.”

The video has been viewed about 6,000 times.

For his part, Speace has continued to poke fun at his new wife, writing on Facebook that she was his “partner in crime” and “wanted dead or alive.”

“Thank you to the Norwood Police Department, to all the men and woman that helped make this moment possible. We are so thankful,” Speace posted on Facebook.

The new Mrs. Hailey Speace thanked them, too, but admitted it was a proposal “that scared me half to death!!

“Now we can have this moment to look back on forever,” she posted.