Mint Hill homeowner hopes to ID intruder in home security video

Peeping Tom suspect caught on tape

MINT HILL, N.C. (WBTV) - Joe Matthews isn’t used to catching much on his Brighton Park townhouse’s security cameras.

“I thought it might’ve picked up a cat or something,” he says. “And then when I was just looking at him, I said, ‘There’s a person out there.’ And that’s what made me feel violated.”

The next morning, Matthews noticed on his security camera footage that at 1:30 a.m. Monday, a man was on his back patio, looking into windows as he and his wife slept inside.

What he spotted in the bottom of the frame startled him.

“It looks like he had a crowbar,” Matthews says.

Mint Hill Police say that same morning, a dog ran off a man in another Brighton Park neighbor’s backyard, and last week, someone else’s door was kicked in, belongings stolen.

“I didn’t have locks on my gate, I didn’t feel like I needed locks on my gate,” Matthews says. “But obviously that’ll change.”

He says if this visitor would’ve made it inside, this might be a different story.

“His family could’ve been going to a funeral today,” he says.

Now, Matthews is activating his alarm, paying more attention to his cameras, and looking out for anything that just doesn’t look right, coming into his gate.

“I’ll have to put a lock there, and hopefully protect him as well as myself,” he says.

Matthews says to him, it looks like this is a relatively young person in the video. He is hoping someone recognizes him - less to turn him in, and more to help him turn his life around.

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