No more comp time for City of Charlotte employees

City of Charlotte eliminates comp time

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Salaried employees at the City of Charlotte will no longer earn compensatory time for extra hours worked during the week. The policy change comes five months after a WBTV investigation lead to delaying the new comp time policy.

According to records provided to WBTV by a city spokesperson, the policy change took affect earlier this month. While salaried employees will no longer be able to accrue comp time, they will be able to keep the time they’ve already earned.

WBTV also received copies of comments and complaints city employees filed with the Human Resources department about the policy proposal. A number of employees noted that the policy change was not moving in the right direction for making the city an “employer of choice.”

Several employees also commented that the new policy would not be helpful for recruiting new talent.

“Given the well-documented and discussed difficulties we have attracting top talent to the airport, the loss/curtailment of this benefit is a step in the wrong direction,” one employee wrote.

“We need strong leadership going forward. This policy does not provide incentive for people to move up into leadership positions,” another commenter wrote.

There were also comments that public safety employees should be exempt from the new policy because of the 24/7 nature of their work.

However, the new policy is in place for all departments with no exemptions.

The new policy does allow department heads to be flexible in scheduling their salaried employees to account for extra time they work.

A city spokesperson said that Human Resources held several meetings with each department and there were in-person training sessions for all the departments’ administrative officers and office assistants.

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