Concord Police create new task force to combat impaired driving

Concord Police create new task force to combat impaired driving
(Source: WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Concord Police have created a DWI task force with the hopes of deterring the majority of impaired drivers.

The task force is comprised of 12 volunteer officers. Concord Captain Todd McGhee is the leading force behind the newly instituted team.

He said there is a need for increased law enforcement as the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities continues to grow.

“Ultimately what we want is voluntary compliance with the law," McGhee said.

Concord public safety officer Steven Zollars created the idea for the task force earlier this year. The Concord Police Chief approved it in late summer.

McGhee hopes that, by creating this task force, police may be able to keep the public safer.

The task force plans to do this by implementing two different strategies - DWI checkpoints and saturation patrol.

Officers on the DWI task force will stage DWI checkpoints a few times a year, but McGhee says these checkpoints don’t always work and can be easily avoided.

This is where he brings in what he calls ‘saturation patrol.’ According to McGhee, this second strategy will include using crime analysis to deploy select task force officers to high-DWI areas several times a month.

In simpler terms, this will mean a larger police presence in locations known to have problems with crime and drunk driving - where alcohol related crashes and arrests have been made.

“The overall concept is high visibility," McGhee said.

The DWI task force will conduct their first two deployments in December. The second deployment is confirmed for New Years Eve.

“I hope that next year when we talk we talk about less alcohol related crashes and fatalities,” said McGhee.

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