Vintage 1965 Mustang restored by high school kids, raffling off for $20

High school students restore 1965 Mustang

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - A gorgeous 1965 Ford Mustang was just restored to its former glory by a group of high school students.

It’s part of a mechanics class at North Mecklenburg High School.

It is about to be raffled off and could be yours for the price of a $20 ticket.

The students are raffling off the Mustang to support more career training programs in the future.

“This class is my favorite class I’ve learned the most I have in high school in this class," said Josiah Lopez, a student at North Meck High.

Students in CMS’ technical education classes like this one learn practical skills in the classroom.

Jarod Brown teaches the mechanics class.

He’s always had a passion for car restoration, but breaking into the field with little training was challenging.

“For many years I felt lesser than because I worked with my hands,” said Brown.

But he pushed through that stigma and found success.

“There’s a lot of money to be made and joy to be had in working with your hands,” said Brown.

Now he’s trying to pass it on with one shiny, blue class project: a vintage 1965 Ford Mustang restoration.

Students in Brown’s class say they are getting more than an education under the hood.

“Not only does he teach us about cars but he teaches us life lessons,” said Lopez.

“There’s a feeling I get when I drive away that I’ve done something bigger than me,” said Brown.

If you would like that Mustang it will cost you $20 for a raffle ticket. You can enter to win it and support the class here.

The program just added a new teacher which means they will be able to take in 120 students to the class.

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