Homicide suspect was in jail just days before deadly shooting, victim’s sister speaks

Homicide suspect was in jail just days before deadly shooting, victim’s sister speaks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The sister of Charlotte’s most recent homicide victim is angry her loved one’s accused killer was released from jail just days before the deadly shooting that claimed her sister’s life.

Police believe 23-year-old Corey Vega shot and killed 27-year-old Ebony Harrison last weekend. Police say the shooting happened on Reagan Drive off W Sugar Creek Road last Sunday.

They say officers were responding to calls at a party nearby when they heard shots fired.

Vega has now been charged with murder in connection to Harrison’s death.

Takela Sanders, Harrison's sister, spoke to WBTV in an interview Wednesday night.

"She was funny. She was so funny. She loved to dance. She loved cracking jokes. She was like a comedian," said Sanders.

The grieving sister said she heard about the shooting soon after it happened and went to the scene of the crime.

“My baby sister, you know, who, how, what happened?” questioned Sanders.

It didn't take long for her to get information about what had transpired. Vega was charged soon after the deadly shooting. Sanders then discovered the suspect had just recently been released from the Mecklenburg County Jail.

"He got locked up sometime in October. He was released November 14. November 17 he shot and killed my sister," explained Sanders.

Online records from the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office show Vega was booked into the jail on October 23. He was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, and possession of a firearm by felon.

Records show Vega was released from jail on November 14. He was accused of shooting Harrison on November 17.

“I am livid. I am livid. I feel like the justice system has really failed. When I say they failed, they failed. How can you allow someone with the criminal background that he has, out free?” questioned Sanders.

Jail records show Vega was arrested two times in 2017 and was accused of kidnapping, burglary, and robbery among other charges. Sanders said she is hopeful that her sister’s death can lead to change with the justice system.

"They keep letting the repeat offenders out. You're letting people out with violent crimes. They're coming out. It's like a spit in the judicial system's face. You slap them on the wrist and you let them back out in the streets to do the same thing," said Sanders.

She said a vigil for Harrison will be held Friday evening at 7 p.m. at Camp Greene Park in west Charlotte. Friends of Harrison are encouraged to attend.

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